Merry Meet

“The goal of the Witch is constant self-growth and transformation… As the outer world evolves and grows, so must the witch in order to maintain balance and clarity.” – Meg Rosenbriar

Shoreline Magic

Meg is a modern Hedgewitch living on the Connecticut Shoreline. Join her Facebook group dedicated to her path, Shoreline Magic.


Meg co-hosts the Witch With Books Podcast with Jason Mankey. They chat monthly on all things witch books.


Released October 2020 from Penguin Random House, The Healing Power of Witchcraft is beginner practical magick for witchy mind, body, spirit healing.

Witch With Me Community

Meg is the co-founder of Witch With Me, a sharing platform and learning community by witches, for witches.

Witch With Books

Book Worm alert! Meg founded the Witch With Books platform to connect witchy authors to readers.


Meg is a highly reviewed intuitive astrologer. Her appointment books are closed at this time.