I long to find you in that summer clearing
Before the world ended and time forgot us
With your robes fashioned so fine
And your long hair falling across your face

You look intently as my flowing gown ripples
Your eyes dancing from my neckline to my face
You wait expressionless for me to float to you
Commanding the air of a lion-hearted king

I arrive breathlessly, in my radiant glory
And stop before you there, just inches
(come on and pull me in just…)
…You snatch me close, so close, so fast
My breath is stuck in my tightening chest

You look at me in the most naked way
Those brown eyes more piercing than my green
And yet I feel you tremble and it flashes before me
Just how much Power I have
Over you, over me;
Over absolutely nothing and then again everything.

No words are spoken. We move as one.
And dance the Beltane bonfires
For as long as the night holds
So does our magick

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